The Texas Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisers is a professional non-profit association dedicated to educating and training its membership in the development, regulation, and administration of cable television, internal communications networks, and other telecommunications systems in order to more efficiently serve the local government organization and the general public.
TATOA Is Made Up Primarily Of Four Groups:
Government Television Programmers
municipal, county, school district or other governmental television station personnel responsible for operating PEG channels
government officers and staff who administer, implement and advise governing bodies regarding telecommunications policy and law
Information Technology Professionals
technology experts responsible for implementing internal telecommunications and data networks for local governmental entities
legal advisers who interpret telecommunications policy, laws, and regulations; negotiate telecommunications and technology contracts; and represent local governments before state and federal regulatory bodies

Other TATOA members include elected officials, city managers, telecom billing supervisors, right-of-way managers, technology vendors, and other telecommunications professionals.

The Texas Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (TATOA), is the Texas Chapter of the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) www.natoa.org.
The communications industry has witnessed remarkable innovation over the last two decades. In this ever changing environment, local governments face new challenges every day in implementing telecommunication and information technology solutions to deliver services to constituents and meet mission critical operations. Adding complexity to these challenges are state deregulation, outdated federal laws, evolving federal regulations, and congressional initiatives in the communications industry.

TATOA is the only state organization of technology, policy, and legal professionals dedicated to educating local government personnel on communication issues. Through our annual conference, committee work, and periodic postings, we strive to provide our members the most current information they need to thrive at their jobs. Whether the task is negotiating a contract or implementing a new technology, TATOA is the one-stop shop for getting informed.

We encourage you to become an active member of the TATOA community by participating in our events and taking advantage of our website’s interactive features.